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Water Knight Game

The Water Knight Game


"The Adventures of the Water Knight: Rescue the Princess" is a dynamic arcade game with many quests and elements of Tamagotchi gameplay. You will move Water Knight across floating islands, picking up Water Drops for health and sending sweets and jewelry to care for the Princess Iriel, while fighting monsters that infest the hostile lands. And that's not all – free the imprisoned Golden Fishes and equip the Water Knight in golden armor! Collect enough Gamer Points and build a luxurious Water Castle with thousands of fountains for the Knight and the Princess, get various improvements and additional features!

The Story Of The Water Knight’s Quest To Rescue The Princess


Have you ever heard about the Water Valor and the Water Courage? No? Then let me tell you the strange and wonderful tale of the Water Knight, who had no fear of the sharpest enemy arrows, nor the strongest steel of his enemy’s swords!

The little Water Tribe lived in a beautiful kingdom surrounded by thousands of musical waterfalls.  No souls in the world were more pure and happier as they basked in the iridescent rainbow light and listened to the melodies of the crystal stream. The most beautiful and pure of them all was Princess Iriel...  read more

Promo Materials

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About Fortuna Lion Game Studio


Fortuna Lion is small team of lions for a production of games. We create original flash games and games for mobile platforms. The production of games for us is a fascinating flight of a fantasy. So the fortunate lion on our logo is floating in the clouds. Fortuna Lion does not work, he flies! For any questions about the games, please contact directly to Fortuna Lion. We don't bite)) Fortuna Lion created a reskin of the "The Adventures of the Water Knight" for Cartoon Network. The new game "Behold the Wizard!" released on October 1, 2012.




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